Customers oriented, delivering the best service to our 55,000 customers

DomusVi Group is one of the only players to offer a complete range of services to its 55,000 customers in France, Spain, China and more recently in Portugal. 

From home help and care services through our senior residences, medical residences and psychiatric clinics, we offer a range of quality services adapted to any level of dependence of seniors.

In order to offer the best service to our customers, we listen to them: their remarks and their testimonies make us progress on a daily basis. This is a challenge that we face in each of our senior homes and senior home care agencies, 365 days a year.

As every year, we carry out a satisfaction survey with IPSOS*, to better know the general customer satisfaction in France. In constant growth, we have gone from 90.1 % satisfaction in 2013 to 92 %* in 2017.

The quality of our services in all our businesses is an essential pillar that makes DomusVi a reference mark on which to build its development in France, Europe and the world.


* SAD MARKETING 2017 in France.