DomusVi Group in Portugal

"I am extremely delighted to welcome the Portuguese company Carlton Life S.A, including managers and employees, to DomusVi Group. Following Spain, this acquisition builds on our European strategy for development in southern Europe. In the past, we have demonstrated our ability to swiftly integrate our acquisitions and create successful synergies." said Aymar Hénin, CEO of DomusVi Group.

The DomusVi Group, third-largest private group to provide hospitality and services to senior citizens in Europe, continues to grow in southern Europe with the acquisition of Portuguese company Carlton Life S.A.

This acquisition is in line with the group’s development strategy in southern Europe, following the acquisitions of Geriatros and of SARquavitae, which have enabled DomusVi Group to become the leading private operator in Spain.

First senior residential home in Portugal for DomusVi Group, in the centre of the city of Porto
A new chapter begins in the development of DomusVi Group which has taken its first step in Portugal with the acquisition of Portuguese company Carlton Life S.A, owner of the retirement home “Júlio Dinis” in Porto, which has thus become DomusVi’s first senior residential home in Portugal. Ideally located in the centre of Porto city, the second-largest Portuguese city, this residential home boasts a capacity of 94 rooms.

Five senior residential homes in the centre of Lisbon and Porto in the near future
The acquisition of Carlton Life S.A is part of DomusVi Group’s development project in Portugal, which, in the near future, should also include five senior residential homes, located in the centre of Lisbon and Porto.